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She grew up in London and her father owns a 1999 blue mini cooper S. The car is too quiet, and needs more Dinan Personality. The car is stylish and I was highly impressed with its quality. French automobiles of the 1950s were built for fuel economy, not performance, as cars and gasoline were scarce in postwar France.

European styling and handling with American reliability and price. Also on that platform in Europe is the B-max wagon with sliding rear doors. Its either for a round trip to the local airport or a long slog to and from a beach locale somewhere in the (hopefully) warmer and sunnier South. The height of the upright pieces will determine the height of the steering wheel mount, so they should be tailored to place the wheel at a comfortable level.

If you are still getting high mileage, take that mofo in to your dealership and complain cuz something is wrong. The car I was lent malfunctioned, but all cars do that. CVT gets better gas mileage. With the six-speed manual, it has an impressive crawl ratio of 73.

I have a porblem in car washes and when I valet park. The Malibu Eco version uses a 2. So last summer my brand-new 2007 LOADED X5 showed up. My best guess is that the center stack was the result of a GM executive saying, "iPads are hot right now.

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With capacity reduced to 3. The Paris motor show is a spotlight for the latest in design, but automakers will also be showing off their latest concept cars, green cars and 2012 nissan 370z convertible features. Dealers will start taking orders in 2011 nissan 370z convertible specifications. Need to find a restaurant, just say "Find Restaurant".

The mid-sized sedans will stay with a standard automatic six-speed, Chrysler said. Listening to Germans tell me that they 2011 nissan 370z convertible specifications my car. The sport coupe version of the G is a greter departure in performance than one would expect, but the sedan can hold its own 2012 nissan 370z convertible torque almost any offering on the road in 2012 nissan 370z convertible interior price range and a good deal above.

Weighing in at 4,120lbs, this is definitely not a pony car but a muscle car in the 2012 nissan 370z convertible mpg sense. Love the Sirius radio.

The shifter and steering wheel look very nice being that they are wrapped in leather. Especially while operating a CAR pSummary Car is wonderful, elegant, full of technology.

Remember the more crap you put in a car the more that goes wrong with it. I know that I will keep this car for a while.

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There will be a new Z06, of course, but were talking about the Stingray version of the beastly, supercharged Corvette ZR1. In the renderings, carbon fiber appears all over the car, from the front diffuser to the spoiler to the mirrors.

As with the current C6-based ZR1, hood bulge gets a bit bulgier -- a look that emulates a cowl-induction hood. The outgoing C6-based Corvette ZR1 makes 638 hp and 604 lb-ft of torque from its supercharged V8, and we expect the C7 ZR1 to top that -- which means boosting the base 6. While precedent favors supercharging here, weve been told that twin turbochargers are a possibility.

With an official 0-62-mph time of just 3. And thats to say nothing of its claimed 0-124-mph time, quoted at 10. But, then again, neither is it priced in quite the same exalted territory.

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